Who I am

I am Super Dave based In San Francisco. My goal is to impact dogs in a positive way, while giving owners peace of of mind that their pet is in good hands. Everyday, I say a mantra for my personal growth: I David do walk with my head up high and carry myself with dignity, pride, and confidence, while inspiring others to follow their true nature.

Dog Walking 100%
Training 100%
Consulting 95%
Privates 97%

1. Dogs

Let's talk about your pet. In doing so, we will better determine if I am the right person to work with.

2. Schedule

I have a flexible schedule, but we really should be on the same page about your time and needs.

3. Training

Being a dog owner requires your love, attention, and often, some time learn new skills. Let's talk about it.

4. Meeting

Finally-- Let's all get together and put theory into practice.

What we do

  • Private 1 on 1's

    I come to you. Let's connect about your needs and meet to accomplish your pet-ownership goals.

  • Pet Channel

    Be a part of the show. Watch me on waggleTV and see more of what it means to leave your pet with me.

  • Peace of mind

    You go on about your day, and let me worry about meeting your dogs need for love and attention.

  • Professional Development

    If you're intersted in becoming a dog-walker and care giver to an amazing pack of your own. Come train with me.

  • An amazing community

    You're not just buying a service, you're stepping into a community of dog lovers with like minded goals.

  • Phone consultations

    I'm available to guide you through pet behavior and modification. Call me with questions, requests for guidance or just to chat about your pet.

Say Hello!

(415) 271-4829